Building a marketplace in WooCommerce with WC Marketplace

1402/02/07 ۲:۴۸ ب٫ظ

Have you ever come across the Marketplace? Jacket is a kind of police market from which you can get templates and plugins. The main mission of market polices is that it has many sellers, so it is based on a multi-seller system. In fact, the system that is created to meet the needs of the market in the form of a wide system and several vendors is called Market Place.
Market place in WooCommerce is also set up in different ways, today we are going to explain one of these methods which is with the help of a plugin.

Market Place in WooCommerce

Market place can be considered for different products. For example, the market for the sale of educational files, the market for the sale of plugins and templates, the market for the sale of products, etc., in all of which sellers can become members and operate. The interesting plugin that we considered for creating a marketplace in WooCommerce is called WC Marketplace. I invite you to read more about this plugin. I am sure you will not only not regret it, but you will also be interested.

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